How to program Generic Remote to control selected MIDI CC

Hello people.
I have a behringer X32 which can also work as a midi controller. By default, when I add a Generic Remote device, the 8 Faders of the console that work as midi control faders, are assigned from MIDI CC 0 to 7. I checked that by using the learn function. Now, when I have “recognized” all 8 faders in the upper list of “Generic Remote” Setup, the bottom list is where you assign the desired function. And that’s my problem. I can’t find MIDI CC list.
I see, Command, VST Quick Controls Manager, Midi Mixer, MMC Master etc.

All I want is to assign (re-assign) actually the default MIDI CC of the faders, to the desired CC like 1-(Modulation), 11-(Expression), in the order I want…

Thanks a lot.

Hi and welcome,

There is no MIDI CC list in the bottom part. The MIDI CC list doesn’t make any sense. You want to control exact function/parameter in Cubase by the MIDI Message, not a MIDI CC.

What is your goal, please?

My goal is to control MIDI CC like CC1, CC11, CC7 in the order I like with the faders I have, and “stay” in that programmed order for every Instrument I use which most of them tend to have similar assignments like strings have, vibrato CC2, expression CC11, dynamics CC1. Is there another way to do that and be a universal solution for samples I will install in the future?


What about to use Quick Controls then?