How to properly hide empty staves in Score Editor?

I’m trying to use the Auto Layout Hide Empty Staves function but not getting the results I want. Suppose I have a song structured like this:

Piano - bars 1-64
Voc1 - bars 9-16
Vocs2-4 - bars 17-64

Starting off I just see the Piano for the first 8 bars, and then at bar 9 both Piano and Voc1. So far this is what I want. But at bar 17 the staves for Vocs2-4 are displayed, and for the rest of the piece the empty staff for the Voc1 part is also displayed for bars 17-64. How do I make it go away?

I think I remember something from a while back– like any data present in a midi part will break that function.

In any case, if you start with a new layout can you reproduce it the problem?

Not quite sure how to accomplish that.

For testing, you could simply add another track which would create a new layout. Refer to p. 859.

Gotcha. But I have the same problem with the new layout. I added a new track with 4 measures of midi data right at the beginning. In the project window the midi part itself is only 4 bars long so there is no midi data after that. In my initial example the same is true for Voc1, there is no midi data beyond bar 16. Now the new part shows notes on the first 4 bars and then the staff continues empty for the rest of the piece.

I also created a new test project with 2 midi tracks and the results were even stranger. Track 1 has a midi part filled with midi notes in bars 1-32. Track 2 has a midi part filled with midi notes in bars 1-8. I selected both parts and opened in the Score Editor in page mode. As I expected I saw 2 staves for 32 measures, the second one only showing notes on bars 1-8. Then I went to Auto Layout, selected Hide Empty Staves and hit OK. Then the score changed so that bars 1-8 showed for both tracks as expected, then only the staff for track 1 showed for bars 9-24, also expected. But for bars 25-32 the staff for the empty track 2 reappeared.

Sounds strange.

I just did a quick and dirty repro with 4 tracks and can’t reproduce.

If you want to post or PM me the file I could have a look. Or, start up in safe mode and see if this isn’t an errant prefs prob.

Steve, thanks for the help. Here is the file.
score layout weirdness.cpr (739 KB)

It works here.

Did you try this in Cubase safe mode?

Darn, I was hoping it would be something obvious once a score expert saw it. Attached is what it looks like here.

Not sure what you mean by “safe mode.” Couldn’t find anything about it in the manual. Is that perhaps a Mac thing? I did however run it as an administrator in windows and it looks the same.
score layout weirdness…pdf (25.3 KB)

A simple search of the forum would tell you what safe mode is.

Also, find the “Reset Layout” menu item, RTM, and have a look through the menus.

I already opened your file, applied Hide Empty Staves and reported back to you.

Steve, thanks for the advice. Got it all sorted out. Trying to get my head around the Score Editor sometimes feels like trying to juggle jello.

Safe mode had no impact.

Resetting the template fixed the example fine, but not the real file.

Then came the duh moment when I realized the All Pages check-box might be useful. That did the trick.

:astonished: :smiley: