How to properly remove a VST (Mac) (SOLVED)

Hello Fellow Cubasers

I had real trouble removing trial VSTs from the VST instrument list. There is a lot of advice about going to your library and going to Audio, and Application support and so on. I had tried all that, only to find the VSTs were still there in the VST instrument list. Causing days of headaches.

Then a really very helpful guy at Cubase showed me where I was going wrong:

There are 2 libraries that you need to go to, your library as a user and the library on your Mac hard drive. In both Libraries, you can go to Steinberg folder and remove the offending VSTs.

How do you find the 2 different libraries?
User Library - In later OS versions of Mac, you need to go to finder and when in your user folder, click on Go from the top bar, click on “alt” and you will see the hidden Library appear.
Hard Drive Library - In Finder, in the “Go” menu at the top, click on “Computer”, then Library, then Steinberg.

William (SYDIOM)