How to properly remove USB-eLicenser dongle

I recently upgraded to Cubase Artist 12 from v11. I use Windows 10 64 bit.

How can I safely remove USB-eLicenser dongle from my PC because it is not displayed under “safely removing hardware device”.


Just grab it with 2 fingers and pull it out. Seriously tho, i’ve been using a dongle for 2 decades, never used the eject safely feature once on windows, ever. Ejecting USB drives is more of a MAC thing, and it is purely there to protect data in case you rip it out while data is being written to it. By Default, windows is NOT set up this way but you can change it, and lastly this would not apply to dongles which are read only by the OS (only the eLicencer app can write to it)

IF you right click on ANY drive of any type and no Eject is listed, just unplug it and you are good to go

thank you for your comments


thank you