how to punch-in during cycle recording?

I’ve read the manual several times and think I’m setting this up correctly, but clearly I’m not.

I want to do a cycle recording between bars 40-48, but have the loop start playing at bar 39 so I can hear the cue. So I set the locators at 40 and 48,enable cycle mode, enable the punch-in, set the pre-roll amount to 1.0 and enable the pre-roll button. Then I set the cursor at bar 39, record enable the track and start recording with the * key. First time through it behaves like I expect - I hear bar 39 and recording starts on bar 40. But on the second and subsequent cycles the playback begins at bar 40 not 39 where I want it to start. I assume I’m not using the pre-roll correctly.

Roger: Have you tried dis-abling the pre-roll button
and then set your locators to say 38 - 48 :question: :wink:

I like hearing that cue with cycle recording on every take---- Just a thought :wink:

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

as far as I know there is currently no way to have independent cycles. The pre-roll only applies to the initial pass.

Independent cycle and punch points is very high on my wish list.

There’s a “workaround”… using a MIDI loopback app (LoopBe or similar, or IAC Bus on Mac) and the Generic Remote.
You’ll need a separate MIDI track, routed to the input of LoopBe, and the output of LoopBe routed to the input of the Generic Remote.
Set up a line in the upper section of the GRD to a MIDI event of choice (a note-on will probably be the easiest… lets say MIDI note #127)…so…
Control Name (let’s call it “Record Toggle”)MIDI Status=Note On___MIDI Channel (let’s use ch #1) Address=127 ___Max value =127 ___Flags=“R”

In the corresponding line in the lower section…
Control Name=“Record Toggle”___Device=“Command” _Channel/Category=“Transport” Value/Action=“Record” ___Flags =“P”

So, in your test example, set L and R Locators to bars 39 and 49, respectively, but, on that “special” MIDI track, create a Part, and insert note #127 at bar #40, and again at bar 48.
The cycle will Play from bars 39 to 49, and Record from bars 40 to 48.

And now it’s on mine too. Thanks for the workaround Vic, clever approach as always. But I suppose I should have mentioned this was for audio not midi. However just mentioning the word “workaround” leads me to a slap myself on the head realization. Although I didn’t suspect I’d need a workaround, since I thought Cubase surly must do this if setup correctly. Now that I know it doesn’t, I guess the easiest thing to do is just duplicate the audio track and listen to it and punch-in wherever I like.

But this workaround does work for audio :wink: (it is only the “trigger mechanism” that is generated by MIDI). It simply puts Cubase in and out of Record (on whichever tracks, audio and/or MIDI, are record-armed).

Very cool. You could do some very complex stuff using this technique. Good to know.

I had always thought it would be cool if each Marker was more like an objects… meaning they had their own Pre-Roll and their own Metronome (click) settings. After all, the ‘cycles’ are supposed to represent logical sections of a piece of music, right?

Or maybe there needs to be several new kinds of Markers… Pre-roll, Metronome, etc?

I rarely use a LOT of this stuff because… frankly, too much of it requires -study-. :smiley:

[old fart rant on]
I grouse a lot about the complexity of Cubase because even if they add cool ideas like this it would need to be done in a way that’s TOTALLY OBVIOUS. There’s no point if it’s buried in a key command or 6 menus deep (like a lot of MIDI functions) or with a teeny icon.

I don’t mess about with Pre-Roll or the Metronome or Advanced Quantize or a lot of the ‘VariAudio’ or Track Presets or PLE or LE stuff much anymore because if it’s something I only use once every month, I forget about it, then I open an old CPR and it seems like something isn’t working right because I forgot how a setting works and then I have to rifle through the manual again (with it’s terrible index).

There’s a TON of features now that are -just- counter-intuitive enough that they’re more trouble than they’re worth unless it’s -one- feature you’ll personally use all the time so it becomes muscle memory. But taken in aggregate it’s all gotten overwhelming. I almost always fall back on the same tools (eg. Auto Tune or just manually setting up a ‘pre-roll’, etc.) because I literally can’t keep track of how all this stuff works anymore.

I had hoped that the ‘app’ look of MixConsole meant that SB understood this, but it seems like this was more a cosmetic deal and not a real change of -attitude-.

What has brought this all to a boil for me is that I work a lot now with young people working on web apps. And the whole paradigm of ‘apps’ is DEAD STUPID SIMPLICITY. Because mobile devices are small and the bandwidth is tiny, they demand everything be built for a 4 year old… giant buttons. no options that aren’t ABSOLUTELY necessary.

There’s a lot of new stuff in 7.0 (like the Sends section in MixConsole) that’s actually -harder- to use now.

Pre-Roll is already pretty confusing. I can easily imagine it getting even more so as ‘enhancements’ are piled on.
[/old fart rant off]

In short: I don’t want another option… any option… unless the whole underlying process is re-thought to be more obvious.