How to put lyric (for grace note sticking) above the line?

See this video… it seems impossible?

See here for how to input lyrics, how to get to different types of lyrics is step 3. (It’s also described on this page.)

Thanks, @Lillie_Harris … did you watch the video?

  1. Why does the “Above” placement for the grace note not put the lyric above the staff like it does for the other notes? Instead… it seems to offset it up, but still below the staff, some seemingly inexplicable distance.

  2. Why does the “y” offset not affect the position of the lyric?

  3. Why can I not drag the lyric up/down… but only left/right?

Although I agree that the Line placement property ought to work when you have a lyric on a grace note in a percussion kit (and in due course I will take a closer look to figure out what’s going on there), if you make sure that you create the lyric above the staff to begin with, then it works OK. After you show the popover with Shift+L, type Shift+up arrow to switch to the lines of lyrics above the staff, and enter the lyric.

Thanks, @dspreadbury
Indeed, that works… though, FWIW, my workflow has been to input the lyrics (stickings) on a few notes, then toggle to above… after doing so, I then copy/paste to other notes as needed.
Which… brings us to another thing that doesn’t work as expected: copy/paste the lyric from one grace note to another…