How to quickly combine events on separate audio channels into one

Hey people,

First post here. I do a lot of drum recording in which I will use multiple folders of drum tracks. This is so a take of section 1 can be allowed to decay naturally in the first folder, while a second take begins alongside. This is a work-around for Cubase not being able to play back overlapping audio simultaneously, which means recording multiple takes in the same audio channels results in cymbal decay etc. cutting off as the next regions begin.

After editing, I condense all the overlapping takes down into single mono stems for mixdown. To do this, I’ve been summing each group of individual drum mic channels to their own individual group (3 x Kick in audio channels to Kick in group, 3 x kick out to Kick out group etc.) and batch exporting each group to combine them all. After a few years its feeling painfully inefficient to create all these group channels, zero their source channels, and wait as each group is exported for a whole LP worth of drums, when bouncing-in-place a hyper edited multi channel drum take takes seconds.

Is there a way to use the render in place function to combine two or more audio events into one single one, bypassing all of their channels’ routing and processing? Do you have a way better idea? Is the way I’m doing it actually totally stupid and there’s an obvious solution right in front of me?
In b4 "make the drummer play the whole song perfectly from start to finish " :laughing:

Many thanks!

Use Render In Place.
Purely from memory, so don’t be upset if I got the spelling wrong :slight_smile:
If you want two full tracks combined to one, make sure no events are selected.
Select the two tracks.
Open RIP Settings.

Set the top option to “As One Event”.
You can’t use Dry, as there are two channel settings involved, use one of the other options.
Set “Mix Down to One Track”.

Ah yes that is perfect! You’re a lifesaver!

I hope that’s a new feature in 9 and I didn’t just miss it all this time :laughing:

Thanks for your help.

Just googled this, Awesome tip, thanks, you just saved me half an hour doing it the long way!

Took me 2 days to get to this point. Thank you.

I tried render in place but I was half asleep and didn’t even bother to look at the settings.
I’ve been using cubase for about 3 weeks now (coming from FL and Maschine) I find that it’s impossible to find an easy answer to things until you discover the cubase way and then you think ‘oh… ok that makes sense’

I haven’t even made a track in cubase yet as i keep stopping to learn something. How many years am I going to need to invest into it before I can make a track!? :laughing:

Is there no longer a “mix down to one track” option in RIP settings? All I see is “one down to one audio file” which is close but not quite the same. I’m just trying to bypass the step of having to import the new file and place it at the correct point in my project.