How to Quickly Double in Octaves (or other intervals)


Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere, all the hits I found were in the dorico forum.

Is there a quick way to take some highlighed MIDI notes and add them doubled at the octave, either below or above? For example in Sibelius you could just hit β€œ8” and poof: octaves. Is there something similar for Cubase?

P.S. I have found Shift+arrows for MOVING octaves but not for making a copy at the octave, which is what I want.

Thank you for your time and assistance!



You can make Logical Editor preset (and assigna Key Command to it).

Filter Target:
Type is > Equal > Note

Action Target:
Value 1 > Add > 12 (for 12 semitones = 1 octave).


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In addition to Martin’s above mentioned method you may try –

  1. Select Notes and then use Alt-Drag (this is a good way to create harmonies as well).
  2. Duplicate the MIDI track and use the Info Line to transpose, or use the Transpose Function for more options.



If you don’t quantise your data, also hold down Ctrl/Option (while dragging) to Constrain Direction.