How to quickly record audio from an Instrument Track?

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How to quickly render the VSTi performance of an Instrument Track into *wav file of an Audio track in Cubase Elements 9.5?

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You’ll have to “mixdown” the track and import it back into the project. Or purchase CB Artist or Pro version to get the “Render in Place” function.

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Can’t you just freeze the Instrument track and then drag the frozen file out of the “Freeze” folder onto an Audio track? I seem to recall I’ve done that in the past.

Frozen track audio will only work if there are no gaps between parts on the frozen track. In this case, the gaps get closed up in the frozen audio…losing the original track’s timing, making it an unreliable method. Export or Render in Place is the way to go.

I didn’t know this, guess my parts must have been continuous (they usually are), good to point out for the OP. Presumably you could join the parts together?

I always RIP since it’s been available but it’s not there in Elements.

Does your soundcard offers virtual channels or similar? I use the Apollo Twin virtual channels to do that. You make the virtual channels the output destination of the track and select an audio track and select the same virtual channels as the audio inputs of the track. It’s not offline like RIP but gives you the same result.


Dear Proc, planarchist, Weasel, blinkofani,

Thanks for your advice. I’ve just forgotten that rendering is not available in Elements, so I’ll have to stick to good old mixdown… :slight_smile:
I use Steinberg UR22mkII card - I’m not sure whether it can create virtual channels…


Another option is to route it to a Group track. Then, using a new Audio track, you can select that group track as an input source and record audio in real time. This can be useful in some situations.

Can’t be done in Elements, sadly.