How to re-download Dorico v1.0 ?

Have been bouncing back and forth with Dorico support for a week now with no progress, so hope someone on here can help…

We bought Dorico v1.0 back in 2017 (shrink wrapped box - usb license), upgraded to v1.2, and were about to upgrade to the lastest version, but the main laptop we use it on died, and we cant get v1.2 re-installed on the new laptop.

First it turned out the v1.0 CDs we bought don’t actually have Docrico v1.0 on them to re-install from. Then Dorico support sent us links to download from (via installer app), but it is v1.2 update, …and that refuses to install saying it requires an existing installation.

Does anyone know how you can re-install v1.0?

thanks for any help,
Mark + Claire

First get the Steinberg Download Assistant from here:

Then you can download the full installer for Dorico 1.2, and the sound libraries as well. See the attachment.

Download the Steinberg Download Assistant and look into the Dorico category. You want to download the the full Dorico 1.2.10 Application Installer, not the Update.

By the way, I’d strongly recommend upgrading to 2. You are missing many of the best features. :wink:

Unless you are in a hurry to upgrade, you might want to skip 2 and get even more features when 3 arrives - and avoid getting caught in the “I upgraded to 2 just before the cutoff date for a free upgrade to 3 so I have to pay twice” trap.

Disclaimer: I have no knowledge about when 3 will be released, except for the “before the end of the year” prediction.

Right you are, Rob. Didn’t think about that.