How to re-download Video Decoder for Avid DNxHD

Can anybody please advise how to to re-download (purchased) Video Decoder for Avid DNxHD? I originally purchased, downloaded and installed on Windows. I now want to install on Mac OS.

There is nothing at the Steinberg Site, nor the FTP site, nor via the Download Assistant. The Download link in the original email from the store does not work, nor can they be contacted (bounce). The support link points me at a FAQ which provides no answers, then to local AU distributors, hardly of any use.

Thanks in advance.

Contact asknet support to receive a new download link:


i was wondering too, two days ago as I reinstalled Nuendo 8 on my system. But then I played back DNxHD vids for trial, and it works. So I guess its implemented in the Nuendo installer and you get the feature through the elicenser…

Thanks for this, now received links & re-downloaded.

Had been to asknet earlier but went round in circles [also, that email and login still seemed to be inconsistent with my Steinberg account, despite earlier attempts at syncronisation; they still keep emailing me at the wrong address].

ALL software purchases /downloads and licensing IDs should be available within the User Account. eg, See AVID, FabFilter, Presonus etc.

Oh great!
I have to post a service ticket with Asknet to be able to download my DNXHD decoder again?
Sorry guys, as opposed to some other people here, I fully understand the reason to implement a paid licence model for DNXHD.
But for me not to be able to download the decoder in my user area is UTTERLY RIDICULOUS!
I wonder how long I have to wait for Ask-and-ask-again-merrily-away-all-day-net to dig out my download.
I’m really p1ssed off about this. :frowning:

The decoder is include din the program. You don’t need to download or install it.
The only thing that needs to be done is “unlock” the DnXHD decoder through the eLicenser.
Enter your code in your Elicenser and update the driver for the Elicenser and you are in business.


The license is in my dongle arleady, and I did a completely new installation in a new computer so it should be working, but I’ll try that again.

That‘s how it should work, but did not for me as well.

Did as you said - I started ELC, let it update, entered the activation code for the decoder, which of course it didn’t let me do as it’s THERE already, started Nuendo and still no joy. Tells me I’m still missing the DNXHD decoder.
All that aside - I’m pretty sure I had to install it separately last time, so I don’t think it is included in the Nuendo installer.
Don’t know if I’m missing anything, but if A: the license is on my dongle and B: my ELC is updated, I don’t know what else could be wrong except I still need to install something.
This is really angering me. It’s been more than a day since I contacted Asknet, I’ve got work to do and it’s going crap doing it with the H264 versions I had to convert from my DNX files… :frowning:

Could you use ProRes (Proxy) until you are sorted?
But as I (and some others on the forum) have said before. It’s not working the way we expect it to work.

You can’t encode ProRes on a PC, only play it back.
Still waiting for an answer from Asknet… :unamused:

X-Media Recode can convert files to Apple ProRes and DndxHD, no problem at all.


I’ll try that out, thanks.
Rather still have a working DNX decoder though.

Do you see if the Avid Codec is installed on your computer?

Control Panel/Programs & Features/add or remove programs.
The list should contain: “Avid Codecs LE”.


Yep. That’s one of the first things that get installed on any new system of mine.
Not that I think the new video engine needs them, as I understand it only makes Avid codecs available to Quicktime.

You are correct. My bad.
This gets me so confused that I am searching for things that are not related.

I think my first statement is still correct:
The decoder is wrapped in the Steinberg install. No need for a separate install.
It is “unlocked” by the license in the Elicenser.

Please look into: c:\program files\common files\Steinberg
Do you see the: VideoCodec-Avid DNxHD.dll


No, it’s not installed. As I absolutely trust you on anything Nuendo related, I’ll re-download the installer and do a clean install again this evening. And cross my fingers like crazy that I have DNXHD after that. Is there an option I have to select during install? Oh well, I guess I’ll see…

I just purchased a DNxHD Codec and can cofirm, that you need a seperate download from asknet.
It is not included in the 8.2 package. Didn’t work until installing the seperate download provided by the asknet download Link.
Sorry for the bad news. I hope asknet contacts you asap.

Very annoyin that it is not handled via an elicenser key only and even more abboying that you cannot re-download via mySteinberg.

Fredo! Thanks a lot for that! :slight_smile:
The re-install sadly DIDN’T work, problem persisted, but I decided to try transplanting the DLL from my other machine into that folder and hey presto! I now have DNXHD functionality again.
But actually it’s pretty annoying because I hate pulling off dodgy cr@p like that. I wish someone official would just finally answer and give me a damn link or tell me whatever else the hell my problem is.
I noticed that the VSTconnect DLLs are also missing from my new system, but I don’t need that anyhow. Still sucks.