How to re-install Cubase Elements after a reinstall of Win7

Hi all, I purchased Cubase Elements a few months ago, installed it, all was working well. Then I had a ransomware attack, so had to wipe my hard drive and re-install Windows 7. I’ve now reinstalled Cubase ok, and updated the e-license, but when I try to run Cubase it says “that activation code has already been used - contact your supplier”. Ok, except there is no supplier - and no obvious means of contacting the site where I paid for and downloaded cubase. This should be an obvious thing to overcome, I know, but after an hour going round in circles the answer still eludes me … Any suggestions welcomed, thanks


Go thru the Re-activation process, please.

Hi Martin, Thanks for that, unfortunately I couldn’t see the term “re-licensing” anywhere on the “My Steinberg” site:

  • there was “start license activation”, which didn’t work
  • there was “software re-activation”, which required a new e-license code
    but no clear process for “re-licensing”.
    Fortuitously, in my stumbling around yesterday I created a new e-license number - so I chose “reactivation”, and entered this new code, obtained my new license number, entered it, and I appear to have a new copy of Cubase on my machine.
    So, all solved, but more by good luck and stumbling around, rather than a clear, idiot-proof set of instructions (remembering that most people who are doing this process probably have never done it before, and hopefully will never have to again)
    It was also a bit frustrating not having a central “help” desk to e-mail, if one is in a country that doesn’t have direct support - hence me having to turn to this forum for help.
    But all turned out well in the end …

Here, on the right side.

Hmm, good point, that’s a bit embarrassing, not sure why I didn’t see that (it explains clearly what to do, and why …)