How to re-open Midi Device Setup windows after closing?

Anybody knows, how to re-open these little windows on the right, with the title “M1 Setup”, “SD-90 Setup”, “U-220 Setup”?

I see them only once, that’s when I add an instrument track using these external instruments.
After that, if I close them by mistake, I can’t find a way to re-open them again…

Select the device in the installed devices window
Select Open Device, the box at the top of this new window has options in it.
Select Bank Assignment.

Actually this is another windows showing the same information but it is not the same window.
As can be seen in the screenshot, the initial windows was a minimalistic pop-up windows taking only little little estate on the display.
The window which comes up by “Open Device” is much biggerr and cannot be made smaller.

yes, it is a different window but opens you to the same options. As you’ve already “set up” the window you require, the only way to see that again is to unset up and set up… there’s no need to do that though as you can change any of the setting needed in the window I mentioned above or in the prior window, Midi device Manger.

The top box, is the bottom right box… in Midi Devices window.
The Channel # boxes is the Bank Assignment option, in the top box after clicking Open Devices.

Those 3 windows vanishing into oblivion confused the hell out of me when I first started working with Midi devices. Along time ago now… Steinberg have done little to improve it.