How to Re-Record on an Instrument Track

I’m new to Cubase. How do I delete an event to re-record over it? I had a bad start on recording with a VST and selected the event and hit delete. It disappeared but then I was unable to create a new event.

What is the proper way to remove a track (or record over)?


I must be misunderstanding because it’s as easy as deleting the event and then hitting record.

There’s also a function under Common Record Mode called Re-Record. This will start the recording over after pressing the record button instead of stopping record.

the lack of information about your Cubase version and what kind of tracks you are recording leads to an vague answer

The proper way to remove a track is to choose “remove selected track” deleting an event: “backspace” or “delete”

what more precise info than “Instrument track” do you need?

uups overlooked… bad multitasking today

That’s what I do here - Stop, hit delete, rewind and press Record again…Did you perhaps somehow inadvertently disarm the track for recording? If so, next time you press record everything would play and monitor as it did before, but nothing would get recorded.

Sorry I didn’t back here sooner. I did but the site was doing some maintenance.

I have Elements 10.5, Windows 10.

I plan on experimenting with this issue this weekend, following some suggestions here, and will check back in.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I must have done something as I haven’t been able to replicate this problem.

At least you’re able to get back to recording, that’s good news :slight_smile: