how to re-scan plug-ins??

Situation: Cubase Pro 9.5 running smoothly.

Updated all my NI plug-ins after some time.

Started Cubase, upon scanning it blacklisted Maschine 2 (which I used extensively before without problems and to the best of my knowledge was not updated in my big NI download session).

Went to plug in manager and undid the blacklist of Maschine 2 to see if it would work. Cubase immediately crashed (like instantly), and now crashes on every attempt to re-open it.

QUESTION: How do I blacklist Maschine 2 or force a complete re-scan of the plug-ins (which itself would blacklist Maschine 2 again) without opening Cubase Pro 9.5 (since trying to do so now crashes).

SUB-QUESTION: Anyone know why Maschine 2 would now be blacklisted by Cubase? I am running the most recent version of Cubase Pro and I believe the most recent version of Maschine 2.



Trash Cubase preferences. It will scan the plug-ins again, and it will put Machine to the Blacklist. Unfortunately I have read already several reports like this (crash with Maschine) with the last Maschine update, at this time.

thank you Martin

I tried trashing prefs and it is still crashing upon opening Cubase 9.5.

Maybe I did not trash the right prefs? Found them in //Library/Preferences

files I deleted (actually moved them to a USB hard drive in case I need them back – is that a problem?):


First I removed only the first of those files, still crashed, so then also removed the second.

Am I doing it wrong?

EDIT: I’m on OS X 10.11.6


Remove the whole Cubase 9.5 folder from the //Library/Preferences folder.

Thanks, missed that.

I am up and running… thanks again. FWIW I copied old versions of all settings files I dared back into the new folder to restore my templates and stuff and so far no problems. Obviously did not copy anything back that struck me as having to do with VST plug-ins or blacklisting.

I’m currently unable to get Mashine 2 to work. Tried downgrading to 2.7.3 but that didn’t work. Back to 2.7.6 = unable to start Cubase when trying to reactivate Maschine :frowning:


It’s confirmed by NI, there is a bug in the latest Maschine version. Downgrade is an only one option.

Then you have to delete Cubase preferences to make sure the plug-ins are rescanned completely and Maschine doesn’t become black listed.

Yes it was quite a nightmare but long story short I ended up having to overwrite the blacklist xml with a previous version where Maschine wasn’t on. That allowed cubase to open again. Downgrading Maschine didn’t work because songs made with the newest release would crash with an older version installed. Hoping for a fix soon!


Indeed, there is a bug in the latest Maschine software, confirmed by NI.