How to re-write audio files with new fade-in and out?

Hi everyone,
I’ve encountered a real work-flow killer when trying to export segments of long track,
And would really appreciate any suggestions.

I’m working on a project that require me exporting each piece of music to a ~8 bars chunks.
I am muting all events next to these 8 bars, with a 1 bar pre-roll and post roll for clean in and out (resulting in a 10 bars long events), and batch export to stems.

Now I want to add fade out / fade ins to those resulting stems so there will be no ticks and drop out at the beggining and end of the exported audio because of sustained sounds and / or reverb.

BUT, I need to keep the names of these audio files. so if I bounce in place after making the fades, cubase creates new audio files with “-01” addition in the file name.
Then I’ll have to rename each file and re-import I guess, which will take ages.
The thing is that I also need to deliver the Cubase project with these chunks in place (with 1 bars overlaping A / B areas).
Do you know of any way I could add fades to an audio event and it’s source audio file while keeping it’s name?
Theoretically, if there would have been some kind of a setting in which automatic fade in and out would occur
while exporting where the locators are set, that would be even better. but I don’t think this is possible.

Many thanks!


Method #1

Do your batch exports as described > quit Cubase > backup the whole folder (for safety) > open the files from the projects’ original audio folder in Wavelab (or audio editor of your choice) > apply fades (names are kept).
On opening the project in Cubase again you should see it perform creating new waveforms as the files are new but names & length were kept. Job done.

Method #2

Without the need of an external audio editor and way simpler actually, just create the fades before export.
Do do so, draw volume automation of your master channel. A tiny curve at the beginning/end of the export range. You just need to do it once, simply copy the automation curve with the range tool and duplicate it with snap on. Job done.


Sounds like a plan! thanks marQs!