How to read files with extension .all ?

In the 90’s I used Cubase Lite that I bought with the Yamaha CBX T3.
I recorded files with the extension .all
I recently recovered those old records ! :slight_smile:
I was convinced that it was possible to read those files with the trial version of Cubase Element 8 that I installed on my computer. But it’s not possible to read .all files with Cubase Element 8. :frowning:

I tryed to install Cubase SX and Cubase SE but it’s obviously not possible to install it on Windows 10.

I would really love to listen again those old comopositions that I wrote 20 years ago.

How can I do ?
Could you help me?

I think SX3 will read those files?

Send / attach a few and I’ll try on one of my older machines.

Hello Composer2005,
Yes hopefully SX3 will open those files. I am so pleased you to suggest trying to open them. I will send you a file in private message. Thank you very much.

I am having the same issue;
My dad used Cubase to make music for years (since the 90’s). He passed away in 2010 and I just found a disc with a bunch of his creations on it – there were some that had been exported into .MIDI that I could listen to but there are a ton of .ALL, .ARR and .MTS files that I’m not able to open.

I reached out to Steinberg but I also don’t have an old enough PC or MAC to use the older Cubase program.
Is there any other program that will open these files that anyone knows of?
If anyone is able to convert these files, please let me know. I have probably about 160 files

I am in the same situation. I know this is an old thread, buy maybe someone can still help me.
I am a teacher and I am preparing a song with my sutdents. I have found the music sheet in an .all file. I just need the music sheet for the instrumetation, I already have the song melody. In fact I just need to be able to print the music, I won’t need to edit anything, or split tracks, just printing the accompanyment.
Would anyone be kind enought so that I could send them the file and they could “translate” it for me?


And you need ot „translated“ to what?