How to realtime monitor Dolby Atmos's Binaural Render Downmix; NOT through IMMERSE/Ambisonics on PC

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I am using Nuendo 11 on my Windows PC. I am starting to mix and master music only for Dolby Atmos (with headphones). I wanted to know if you have a solution for realtime binaural mixing through the dolby atmos renderer downmixing algorithm and NOT through ambisoncs/Immerse. They sound NOTHING like the Dolby’s .BIN downmix. In order for me to mix at the moment, I have to render out an ADM file from Nuendo, then import into the production suite (on my macbook), render out a .BIN, listen then adjust the mix in Nuendo (blindly hoping that I am making the correct alterations as the Immerse/Ambisonic profiles sound nothing like the Dolby’s algorhthms) then render out, import into Dolby production suite and check my changes against the last render. This way is terrible and I am hoping someone has a better solution for me? Even better, if Nuendo and Dolby are working on integrating Dolby’s downmixing of 7.1.4 to binaural headphones in the box?


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Looks like you need something like this:

dearVR MONITOR - Virtual Immersive Mix Room by Dear Reality

(… although you can’t compare actual 3D monitoring with binaural headphones.)

Thanks but it won’t solve my problem…I need to use Dolby’s downmix algorhythms as this is what is being adopted in Apple music and a bunch of other streaming platforms.

At the moment it looks like you need Dolby Atmos production suite and Mac to achieve what you are looking for.

The reality being what it is for a PC environment, either Steinberg has to come up with that binaural Downmix algorithm identical to Dolby or Dolby has to support PC for their production suite.

If I compare Steinberg’s Renderer for Dolby Atmos with Dolby’s Production Suite, I think Nuendo is lacking significantly. I hope Steinberg can solve this issue.


Yeah that is basically what I am doing…It’s a real pain.

I would reeeaaaaaally love to know if Dolby and Steinberg are planning on doing this and how long it will take to properly implement.


Up up up.

Could a steinbergian please tell us if there is a plan to implement the atmos headphone downmix option to the Nuendo Atmos Renderer Plugin.
This would big a huge improvement, or even e essentially needed feature.

Since we are on a PC we are completely locked out.


Create a group track “Master Atmos Bus” in 7.1.4, with the “Dolby Atmos render plugin” as insert. Select Downmix list to Stereo or Binaural.
Create a group track “Stereo Out” in 2.0
Routing “Master Atmos Bus” to the “Stereo Out” bus.
Export Mixdown of the “Stereo Out”, then you will have a 2Channels Wave file in Stereo or Binaural depending on the option chosen in plugin.

The best way i found is to use Acustica Audio - Sienna Sphere System Wide.

In Nuendo 12, the binaural mode has been integrated in the meantime. Therefore, a mix can also be monitored binaurally directly in the renderer.
And as far as the downmix is concerned, you can use the method described by @Illico . (Or you can export the main out directly. Then you have to “throw away” the silent channels.) However, metadata is missing there then. The advantage is that you can play the file with any playback device. A device with “Dolby Headphone” function is then not necessary.