How to Record 4 Tracks at Once

Hi, I’m having an issue figuring out how to record 4 tracks at once using a Focusrite Scarlett 18i18 audio input device and Cubase 12.

I’ve got the project set up but the routing from the Focusrite inputs into the proper tracks isn’t working. From what I can tell, it’s because I’ve only got two options per track to choose from in Cubase: Left – Stereo In, and Right – Stereo In.

I can get track 1 and 2 to record independently (set to Left – Stereo In and Right – Stereo In respectively), but the moment I go to tracks 3 and 4 I have issues because Left – Stereo In and Right – Stereo In are already taken (leaving no other options). So, for example, since track 1 and track 3 are both set to Left – Stereo In, they’re both recording from input 1 on the Focusrite (instead of input 1 and 3 respectively).

Any advice would be appreciated.

Attaching screenshots for clarity.

You need to create whatever input busses you want and then assign the physical Inputs from your Focusrite to those busses. You can assign the same Input to multiple busses if you like. For example, this lets you use a pair of physical Inputs for both a stereo buss and 2 mono busses. You do this in Studio>Audio Connections… - for details see the manual.

Once you have it configured to your liking make sure to save that as a Preset so you have it later.

Thank you so much! I’m pretty sure this exactly what I needed.