How to Record ALL Triggered/Arpeggio Notes as MIDI 4 Native (NI) & Other VST Instruments?

Cubase version: 11 Pro.
Native Instruments Main GUI: Kontakt Player (not full Kontakt)

The screenshot here is from the beginning of the Native Instruments walk-through video of my first purchased instrument by them: Session Guitarist: Picked Acoustic.

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to have what is shown on the left of the screen (and in Cubase) – recorded full MIDI track/event of triggered patterns. When I try to do the same, all I get is the trigger or root keys, not all the notes. So when I play it back, it’s just a long drone of that the root or trigger keys.

I use an external synth/workstation to trigger the patterns – Korg Trinity.

I’ve scoured Native Instruments and these forums and watched a slew of YouTube for how to figure this out with no luck.

This issue also applies to other VST Instruments such as Halion Sonic SE. I’m relatively new to VST instruments for I’ve relied on my Korg’s combi and progra patches for years.

Last, as an example where I don’t have an issue is my drum tracks that also uses patterns. I use Steven Slate’s SSD5 free version, and once I have locked in on a 2 or 4 bar patterns I like, it’s drag and drop into the track.

Being picky and a bit compulsive, I then can go into the MIDI editor to fine tune and customize any note/hit to sound exactly as I want them to.

I know that VST instruments are samplers, not MIDI engines per se and as far as I know, most don’t have drag-and-drop capabilities.

I don’t really care what the modality, I just want the ability to record what is shown in that screenshot for this particular NI instrument – AND – have the same knowledge to so for triggered patterns/arpeggios in Cubase native VST instruments such as Halion Sonic SE and other future VST instruments.

Thank you.

PS: As stated, I’ve looked around and have tried adding and routing MIDI and Group tracks, but still the same result - I can record but not all the notes needed.

  • In Kontakt, go to Options - Engine - Send MIDI to outside world. Select “Script generated notes” (…and possibly also, generated CC’s, but I don’t know if that is necessary).
  • Create a MIDI track and set Midi input to Kontakt - Event output.
  • Set the Kontakt track to Monitor, and the Midi track to Record enable .
  • Record.

@GuruGurra - Pardon delay in response, but for some reason didn’t get notice of reply by email. As to your suggestion, did it but I had already done that (generated CC’s didn’t do anything one way or another).

I’ll have to come back at some point and/or contact NI for the issues I’m running into such as slightly different playback of pattern browser than when I trigger it normally with no voicings/as played, and other things is totally overwhelming me right now.

@GuruGurra - It’s been a couple of months and in the mean time, I had a remote tech support session with NI and while I’ve gotten better at figuring this stuff out, there may or may not be a bug on their side (the tech ran into similar out of tune issue as I did) and said he’d bring it up with his team or supervisor. So I’m muddling through the best I can.