How to record an Instrument

Hello, I am completely new to this section and home recording, but I have no idea how to record my guitar. I have a Steinberg UR12 and I am using Cubase LE AI Elements 9,5. I´ve tried to watch many videos how to record an guitar but no one tells how to set up my audio interface they are just showing how they to it and they use full Cubase not the LE/AI. So please, can you tell me how to set up and record my guitar? My audio interface works fine, when I plug in headphones they work just fine, but when I insert guitar and I want to record and use virtual amps in VST plugins nothing works for me. So please if there is somebody who can tell me in small details how to record guitar? Because I have no clue. Thank you very much.

Hi and welcome,

The principles are the same in all Cubase derivatives. Follow this video, please.


Thanks for the info.