How to record and export thousands of vocabulary?


For a customer I have to record thousands of words/vocabulary.
Each vocabulary has to be exported as a single MP3 file for later use in a learning app.

If I record them in a single large file – is there any way to make WaveLab detect the silence between the vocabulary and export each to their own file?
Maybe a script or something?
Or is there maybe a way to generate a beep for the speaker and take single recordings (approx. 5 seconds) in a row?
I hope I could make myself clear.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

Yes, there is the Auto Split tool that you can use. Study it.
You can also make separate recordings and insert them in the montage, then export them to separate files.

Thanks, Philippe, I think that is what I was looking for.
I think I can then export the resulting split MP3 files numbered in ascending order using the batch function.
Perfect :slight_smile:

the auto split feature is good I use it all the time.

Thanks a lot I learn a function I didn’t know :astonished: for a bank of samples it is a major tool :bulb:

I learn a function I didn’t know

WaveLab Pro only.

:laughing: ok …