How to record audio with FX


How to record Audio with FX the manual poorly explains this?

Put effects on input channels which are before the audio tracks that you record on.

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Once you have added your audio track then click on inserts and all the plug-ins fx will be listed. Then click on whatever you have chosen and it will load into the inserts slot. :grinning:

But if I disable the plugins after recording the sound plays without the FX I want to record the audio with insert FX not raw input.


You can use Render In Place to render the recorded audio with effects.

Well, I have posted about having a problem with that. I get bump at the beginning of the loop no matter what I do. Zero crossing, fade in/out and crossfades enabled. the loop before export sounds fine but after export it doesn’t.

You’re going to have to do a bit of detective work to figure out where that “bump” (I assume you’re talking about a step function, which manifests as a click/pop) is coming from. First, make sure the audio in your loop starts and ends at a zero crossing - just enabling zero crossing won’t do that (it will simply mean your selection will snap to zero crossings, but you’ll still have to dial in the starting and ending sample of the loop so that it starts and ends on a zero crossing, and at an “appopriate” place in the wave form). Easy to do in the sample editor.

If you can play that back without a click/pop, but you’re getting a click/pop after putting your effects chain in, then one of the plug-ins is causing that problem, and you’ll have to enable them one by one to see which one, and can then figure out what the problem with that is.

For example, If you have any kind of delay, looping will overlap the delay of the end of the loop to the top of the loop. If you play the same ‘loop’ without looping, you won’t get any delay on the top.
Render in place, export or freeze are done this way, play from the top then write that to the audio file. This is why your exported/rip/frozen sound does not sound like when it was loop playing.

If you need the looped sound, there are a few ways to do it.

Firstly, make the loop twice as long and export the 2nd section. i.e. if the loop is 4bars long, duplicate all the events in the loop to make it 8bars, then export from before the 5th bar i.e. bar 4 till the 9th. This way, the top of the 5th bar will get an effect from the end of the 4th bar, so the exported audio will sound the same as the original 4bars loop.

2ndly, route the audio track(s) to a group, enable loop and record that group to an audio track. This way, what gets recorded to the new audio track will be what you are hearing. So from the 2nd loop and onward, the recording will be what you want.

If you want to add an effect to your track + record it, You have to add the effect to the input channel , instead of your audio track then make sure the input is coming from the same input channel

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