How to record /automate) on/off plugin in master section

I try to find how to to this but can^t find?! In the rack of the master section I found be abble to automatte on or off (bypass at certain moment) a plugin
W10 possible? W11 How?
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Plugin Automation is really only available for Clip Effects in the Audio Montage, not in the Master Section.

It was a new feature for WaveLab 11 and Ian Stewart made this video:

Great Thanks for your quick answer and as I expected no solution for me I remaster a final mix track audio of a film and use the mastertrack with plugin only and sometimes I want to bypass the eq.
I was a fan of wavelab from the begining but now I din’t use it less and less often beacause when we search for something we want to do and ask ggole we arrive on a lot of long video and I spend too much times
other example I want to copy volume curveof a clip to another one : two hours to try to found…nothing
Try to find how to replace an audio clip with another but keep the volume and curve line: don’t find?
When I have a problem with Dorico for example, two or three words in ggole and I arrive in a good answer in dorico forum.
when I have problem with javascript,php;mysql etc… two or three word in google I arrive to the solution at
But with wavelab allways to video or the whole pdf manual: dommage!
best regards and thanks

You can replace a file in an audio montage using the option shown here. I have a shortcut programmed for it since it’s a common thing to do.

You can copy the envelope shape for many things like volume, panning, plugin automation using this option, and then paste it to another clip in the Audio Montage.

Again, a shortcut can be programmed.

Thanks again but I already try this and a lot of other things without success! Suddenly i open my project and the audio(in two part) of the video file disappeared, but leave the volume curve as in the picture …so I extract the audio of the video file and placed it under but I can’t copy the select point curve (in red in the picture) in the new audio clip

Did you try the function pointed out by Justin? It works (on the whole envelope body, not just the selected point). “Copy” means go “to clipboard”. You then need to “paste” using the dedicated button, with the active clip displayed.
If you copy a plugin automation envelope, it must be existing and be selected in the destination clip.

Thanks for your answer
A… copy Ok but to be sure can you confirm:

  • we can only copy all or nothing (tout ou rien) we can’t copy only few points?
  • we can’t paste where we want like cubase or dorico! paste only at the beginning of a clip! (as in the picture)

B. About automation, can you you also confirm this:

  • we can automate only plugin in clip bur neither in track neither in master
  • And in clip we can’t use automate for bypas (on/off) a plugin beacause there is no option and no right clip?


bypass button: no option - no right click:
Best regards

Your first 3 points are correct.
But for the 4th, you can automate the bypass in most plugins: