How to record for 2 hours without taking up too much storage

Hi. I need to record something that’s two hours long. I don’t want to record it at high quality and take up too much storage. How do I set up a track to record on a lower quality for long tracks. Thanks.


In the Project Setup you can decrease the quality. But test it beforehand to make sure, the quality is good enough.

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You can reduce the sample rate in the project setup dialog. You can also reduce the bit resolution there.
If the recording does not need to be stereo make sure to use a mono input bus in order to create a mono recording. Obviously that would half the size of the file already compared to stereo.

Great. I wasn’t sure where to find it. But, I got it now. Thanks.

Begs the question - what is too much?
The size of a 2 hour stereo WAV at 48kHz/24-bits is about 2 gigabytes.
I have a 33 minute track that is 559 MB at those settings.

It will also be dependent on the kind of material - is it human speech? A field recording? A single instrument (which one)? A band performance? etc.

That will help you dial in those parameters while minimizing perceptible quality loss.

Is this in response to the “over 2GB file size” issue recently posted?

In case it is, I would imagine the capturing of recorded data fills the media pool, not the file itself. I hope. :slight_smile:

I’m recording a local broadcast with speech and some music. I just wasn’t sure what an estimate of how big the file would be at all. 2 gigabytes should be fine.


There are (several) online file size calculators. If you go for the CD quality (44.1kHz, 16bit, stereo), which is perfectly fine, the file will be around 1.3GB.

Awesome. Thanks!