How To Record Groove Agent Pattern To Midi Track

Hi I’m using Cubase Pro 12 I have a pattern playing from Groove agent I want to record the pattern on a midi track can someone tell me how I can do this thanks🙂

Are you using Groove agent 5 or are u using Groove Agent 5se included with Cubase? I know in Groove agent five there is a midi toggle button that you press to export to midi. Last time I looked, its not there on Groove Agent 5 se. A reason to upgrade! Its really amazing.

Thanks its G.A. 12 but I dont see how to record the pattern to midi track

Yea, when GA came out years ago, I complained about what you are complaining about. Then they finally added it in an upgrade! but around that time they included a SE version of GA in Cubase that didnt offer it. I tell you, the GA upgrade is totally worth it. You get that and more drum kits that matter when you buy expansions. The midi option lets you track your own fills and such!!! Have fun!

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Another thing if you are still on here, once you have midi output, you need to go in cubase and set up 4 tracks of midi input from GA to Cubase, this way you can separate all your GA outputs. You have 4 instruments possible out of GA. You see at the top. I set it up in a GA track folder. This way you can have a midi track for each GA instrument! Valuable. Then make sure you set it as a Preference in Cubase so everytime you open a new project, there it is!

Thanks man I Tried all of that but when I go to record the midi track it’s not recording on it🙂

Drag’n’drop the pad that has the pattern onto the MIDI or Instrument track.

Awesome thats someI didnt try.Thanks man🙂

Damn- i figured you knew about drag and drop! thats not recording! You need the main GA 5 to record on the fly. I find it valuable for natural fills and changes in real time.

Thank you :blush:

also there is two buttons that are especially for this: one is for draging your pattern into your host (right) and the other is to convert a style to a midi pattern (left)…

Oh really awesome didn’t see that :grinning: