How to record GrooveAgent3 in C 6.5

I just started working with Cubase 6.5 (finally upgraded from C4 :smiley:
After installing Groove Agent 3 I tried to record midi events from GA3 as follow:

  1. Created an instrument track
  2. Input routing:
    1 - Groove Agent 3 - midi out
  3. Instrument setting:
    Groove Agent 3
  4. In menu “Devices”:
    VST instruments chosen for Groove Agent 3

Then the settings in Groove Agent:
Midi output on:
“Record to file”
Midi mute key mode on:

When I record with this settings GA3 is not recording any midi events.
Hopefully you can help me solving this problem.
In the attachement you can see what I tried
Thanks a lot !
Big Bear
GA3 DMode.doc (1.04 MB)


If I remember, how the GA3 works, I think, it’s not possible to send MIDI data fromthe GA to the Cubase. Check the manual.

You have to control GA3 by MIDI messages from the track, ie. the MIDI notes, or you have to use automation for the controlling of the GA3.


I’m sure I did record midi events with GA3 before (in C4) :confused:

you can record midi from Groove Agent 3 ONLY under Cubase 32 bits

NOOOOOOOO . . . :cry: :cry: :cry:

Groove Agent 3 . . . I did like it so much . . . :frowning:
Can I only listen to it ?

How do you use GA1 in C6.5 . . .

load some drum sounds into G.A. . create a midi track. connect groove agent to the midi track,THEN IN THE DRUM EDITOR draw in some midi notes . then ,press play , simples. :laughing:


Just get Jbridge (inexpensive) and GrooveAgent 3 will work for you.