How to record loopback in cubase 9.5?

Hi !
How to record what I hear from system in cubase 9.5 ? Like I can with Audacity software.

I have scarllet 2i2 1st gen audio interface. If interface matters here at all, because Audacity works fine with it, but I would like to do loopback recording in cubase directly.

Why? Are you trying to print your mix?
This is done with export.

what is done with export? you totally got it wrong.
I need to rip and have some things directly inside cubase from web browser
and I’m tired recording that and saving file by file. So how to record loopback/what you hear ?


Maybe you should describe it better?

Anyway. That’s not possible the easy way. You need a loopback capable interface or additional software.
Something like Voicemeter.

How else I can describe that rather than word “loopback” which used and means to record what you hear, I’ve also mentioned audacity which is mostly used for that sole purpose, I also asked “How to record what I hear from system in cubase 9.5 ?”

What else I needed to describe better ? How you concluded that I need to export or “print” something out of cubase?

Well, system could mean anything…
your combination of the audio hardware and the software is a system as well.
But ok. I’m sorry that I tried to answer your question.
I will never do it again.


Cubase won’t let you do this internally because it can potentially create an audio feedback loop.

Your Audio Interface may or may not be able to create a loopback. If it does, then that’s how you should do it.

If your Audio Interface does not support creating a loopback, then the only way to do it is physically connect a cable between an Audio In and an Audio Out on the interface. Turn all your levels down and take extra care to avoid feedback when setting this up.