How to record MIDI cc using faders on MIDI controller

Hi, how can I map the faders on my MIDI controller to record MIDI cc’s like modulation (CC 1) and expression (CC 11)? I’ve seen a few other posts in the past asking this same question, but I have yet to find a clean solution. Thanks!


Either program the hardware to send the given MIDI CCs (1 and 11) or use the Input Transformer to remap the MIDI CCs your hardware is sending to MIDI CC1 and 11.


The first step is to look in your user manual for your MIDI Controller. Often times nothing needs to be done on the Cubase side to record MIDI CCs. What controller are you using?

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Thanks for the responses. The Input Transformer approach sounds the easiest, but I’m having trouble getting it to work (I’m new to Cubase). For now, I’m trying to set slider 2 to modulation (I’m using a Novation LaunchKey 61 MKII). This is what I’ve tried so far, but it doesn’t seem to work:

Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks!

I’ve realized now that the sliders don’t output MIDI data at all, so I started using the modulation wheel instead. However, there are only two wheels. Is there a way to map the output of a wheel to multiple MIDI cc’s at once, or copy data from one MIDI cc to another?


Yes, you can copy the MIDI data from one MIDI CC line to another one.

Or you can use Logical Editor:

( Type is | Equal | Controller | And
Sub Type (MIDI Controller No.) | Equal | -yourCCnr-

MIDI Controller No. | Set to Fixed Value | -yourWantedCCnr-