How to Record MIDI CC1 onto a MIDI Track?

I’m struggling with something very basic in Cubase: How to record MIDI CC onto a MIDI track. The track is armed. MIDI CC 1 is checked as a “Note Expression” (must be to record MIDI CC, I assume?). I have checked everything MIDI CC1 for the track, still no MIDI CC is recorded. I can see the meter on the transport bar showing the fluctuating MIDI CC 1 while recording, but none of it is recorded to the track. No MIDI CC is showing up in the MIDI Editor (“Show Note Expression Data” is selected) What am I missing? See pic below.


Disable Automation Write, please.

In the MIDI > CC Automation Setup, make sure the Record Destination on conflict (global) is set to MIDI Part, and also the CC1 Record Destination is set to Use Global Settings, please.

Thanks Martin,

Yes those are the current settings. See pic. I disabled the Automation write and tried again but nothing is recorded. Please see the two pics below.

I created a new project with a single MIDI Track to simplify the troubleshooting. Still the same result - No recorded MIDI CC. The screenshot below is taken during recording and the green meter to the right shows the incoming MIDI CC1 data.


Could you double check the Studio > Studio Setup > Quick Controls, please? Do you use MIDI CC1 as a source for the Quick Controls by any chance?

I used QuickControls for MIDI CC 1 in the first example I sent. Now I am just creating a new project for troubleshooting. Here are two screenshots 1. The QuickControl Settings. 2. A screenshot of when I try to record MIDI CC 1 on MIDI Track 1. Nothing is recorded. I have checked a bunch of stuff in the Inspector. In the screenshot there are arrows pointing out the settings I have made.

Thanks again.

Quick Controls might hog MIDI messages so that they wont go anywhere else, but I could be wrong

If anyone could help me with a brief instruction describing the steps neccessary to creat a project with a single MIDI Track and the steps necessary to record MIDI CC 1 onto it, that would be fantastic.

  1. Create a new empty project.
  2. Create a MIDI Track.
  3. Arm the MIDI Track for recording. - What’s next?

see my above comment. I believe the reason martin is asking if you have it mapped in Quick Controls is because Quick Controls might hog the signal so that it doesn’t go anywhere else. Thus it’s not being recorded for you.

I included a screenshot above with the QuickControls page in the Studio Setup, and nothing is routed different from the default settings. What can I do in that setup to make it record MIDI CC?

Disconnect the quick controls.

Set it to not connected.

Thanks Misihoza,

I disconnected all QuickControls. Still No MIDI CC Recording. See attached screen shots.

  1. Create a new empty project.
  2. Create a MIDI Track.
  3. Arm the MIDI Track for recording.
  4. Disconnect all QuickControls - What’s next?

you have CC1 mapped to three quick controls, switch those to something else… switch them all to


I set the QuickControl outs to 21-28. (see attached screenshot). Still no MIDI CC recording.

  1. Create a new empty project.
  2. Create a MIDI Track.
  3. Arm the MIDI Track for recording.
  4. Disconnect all QuickControls.
  5. Set QuickControl Outs to 21-28. - What’s next?

what about VST quick controls?

disable the expression map as well

disable everything you have set

Thank you LoveGames!

That solved the mystery. Either of these two actions made it work:

A. Change the VST QuickControl outs to 70-77.
B. Disconnect all QuickControl In/Outs.

I appreciate the help!



The key was just to set the Quick Controls and VST Quick Controls MIDI Inputs to Not Connected. It wasn’t necessary to change the Addresses.

Thanks Martin,

I had assigned MIDI CC 1 to automation of a plugin via QuickControls. This blocked it from being recorded onto a track. To troubleshoot it I re-assigned the plugin automation to MIDI CC 2. After that MIDI CC 1 could be recorded to the MIDI track.

Changing the QuickControls to “not connected” had the same effect, but turned off all QuickControls. The QuickControl would only block recording to the MIDI track if that specific MIDI CC was assigned to automation.