How to record Midi Output to Audio in Cubase Artist 11?

Hello! i’m having a problem to record midi to audio in cubase artist 11. The input in channel don’t show other inputs options. I’m doing anything wrong or there is a limitation in Artist version?
There’s another way to make this work?

Hi and welcome on the forum,

If you are using hardware synth, you have to add an Audio track, connect audio cables (jacks) from your synth to your Audio Device and record Audio.

If you are using VSTis, you don’t need an export. You can work with the Instrument tracks the same way, you can work with Audio tracks. Then just go for File > Export > Audio Mixdown.

You are right, routing from output bus to input bus is possible in Cubase Pro only.

Hello Martin, thanks a lot!
Actually I’m using a Access Virus TI. It’s a mix between hardware and VST.
I would like to record it making some automation. I will try to record the automation in MIDI and export to mixdown.

It’s not working :confused:
when I export, the audio comes empty.
please, tell me that it have a way to work. I spend all my savings in this software, and I won’t be able to upgrade to pro anytime soon.


Access Virus TI is a bit special… I have to say, I don’t know anymore, how does it work, if it sends audio over USB, so you can just set it up in the plug-in, or if you need the dedicated Audio track and use the audio cables (what is always the safe way).

In any case, I would add the Access Virus TI information to the titel of the thread.

I would expect the information, how to connect Access Virus TI to DAW in its operation manual.