How to record more takes without overwriting current comp?

If I get deep into a comp and then need to record more takes, the new recordings overwrite the current comp I have worked on. I have even tried recording to a new track, and dragging the regions into the comp track, but this also overwrites the comp.



How is your Audio Record Mode settings, please? Use the Keep History, please.

Hi, the Keep History is on, which is why takes are being recording. But this issue was solved in another thread.

While recording more takes into an already comped track does overwrite all the comp selections previously made on each lane, this can be undone using the comp tool to deselect a lane selection after you record more takes. For example if you record 3 more takes, the last take lane recorded will be selected, erasing all the selections you previously made. But if you use the comp tool to click and deselect this selection, it will undo the selection to the previous lane. Then click the previous lane to deselect it, and it will undo the selection of that lane, etc… and eventually your detailed comp will come back, as you deselect and undo your way back past the the newly recorded lanes.

It is kind of like an undo scenario. You have a nicely comped tracked, but decide you need more takes. You record more take lanes, which unfortunately erases your comp selections. Then you use the comp tool to carefully undo the the selections of the new takes, and you undo to the point you get your comp selections back.

This is shown graphically in this post, thanks to @raino

You might also consider “track versions” (Pg 185 of the current Operation Manual)…duplicate your current version, switch to it (or remain knowing there’s a duplicate) and then record a new lane on the duplicate. The original (or one of them) version will remain untouched.

I use Track Versions after an initial comping where I might next want to do some pitch correction, and then duplicate the pitch corrected version where I can do more editing all while having a sort-of backup of the previous versions along the way.

It’s more effective than “Undo” because you don’t usually make editing mistakes so abruptly that you know you’ve gone down the wrong road immediately. Sometimes, you edit to a point where an Undo history would be cumbersome like time correcting a bunch of parts one at a time…or any serial activity which would result in a long history list.


Yes, I will definitely keep a backup of my comp either as a track version or as a duplicated hidden disabled track, simply because this Comp Tool Undo Method after recording is a bit wack. I can’t see the Steinberg engineers intentionally designing this as a workflow. It would be much easier and straight forward if they simply had an option to lock current comp selections while recording new takes.

But currently, I think the comp tool deselect undo method shown by @raino is the only way to add more takes to an existing set of lanes that have a comp selection.