How to record MPC patterns into CUBASE

Hello everybody. I am new to CUBASE and there is a thing that is driving me crazy.
I have an MPC touch and I can connect it to CUBASE and make it sound. HOWEVER, when I want to record my created pattern, the Midi-In Activity just doesn’t move, so it doesn’t record my pattern.
It happens the same when I create a pattern with Groove Agent, I can make it sound and when I have a pattern created I like, I cannot record it.
I can add the instruments manually dragging the buttons from Groove Agent to the main window in Cubase.

But there has to be a way to record these. I really hope you can help me because I have spent two days trying to work out a solution and I am about to give up and throw my computer out of the window :laughing: Please help me. Is there a way to record MPC patterns to Cubase? Or at least patterns created with Groove Agent? I am pretty sure it is just a tiny button I have to press a hidden box I have to check… but I can’t find it without help,

Thanks in advance!