How to: Record multiple tracks and pull the tracks into your session in mono

I was finally able to get VST Connect working and I began doing tests. When I create a new performer track, it always comes up as a stereo track. I read other posts that said to go into connections and remove the default stereo and create a mono input. Then In the insert for that mono input track I added VST Connect Pro. I still get the same problem. Whenever I make a new performer track, it ends up being stereo.

Any help would be appreciated.

BTW: The Steinberg "How to configure VST Connect… " video was terrible. It glossed over major items.

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I believe this may be on the developer’s list of requested features, but for the moment the workaround is to convert the recorded stereo tracks to mono.

Thanks for the reply. I don’t think I understood the concept of how VST Connect works. I am getting a bit more knowledge but it has a pretty high learning curve and the documentation is partial at best. I appreciate you taking the time.

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You can create a mono performer track. By deleting the default created stereo vst connect input and adding a mono input and re-adding the vst connect plugin.

Then add a mono track in the strange window as normal and assign the vst connect input channel.

If you’re using the pro plugin and use the ‘Get HD’ files option, then doing this right now is pointless as the file brought in from the performer is stereo. Hopefully in a future update we’ll be able to import the mono file. If there’s a way to do it now, I haven’t figured it out yet.

‘Get HD Files’ gets the files as recorded on the Performer side. For channels whose input (top of channel) is mono, a mono recording is created, transferred, and inserted on a mono track in Cubendo.
So what do you expect?

It’s all in the help sections on the Steinberg site but additionally, for those still wrapping their heads around it, please see below and attached reference images. (for VST Connect PRO only)

Recording multiple tracks and automatically pulling the tracks into your session in mono.


Mixer window overview

  1. Channel record. If you select this on any o
  2. Insert FX (5) record/record FX button in in mode
  3. Insert FX (5) record/record FX button in off mode
  4. Selected channel highlighted in blue (a little tricky to see so watch out for this). Each channel can have its own insert effects. Remember to use ‘0’ latency plugins only to avoid any delay.
  5. Insert FX slots
  6. Insert FX on off button
  7. Add more channels up to a max of 16
  8. Preamp gain/attenuate knob (affects amplitude of recorded signal)
  9. Pan control
  10. Built in reverb (artist only FX send)

Numbers 1,2,3 and 8 can only be control by the studio. The performer can adjust all the other parameters.
The Studio can select the Insert FX but cannot see the or control and parameters of the insert FX.

Practical example
I want to record two mics, one for the singer and one for their guitar, I create two tracks in VST Connect (one 'Mic and the other I’m labelling ‘Instr’)

The artist sets up their insert FX (5) for comfort monitoring for both tracks at their end in Performer and they add a little of the built in reverb (10)

On the Studio side I only want to capture the raw files without insert FX (5) or the built in reverb (10). The built in reverb (10) is purely a send effect and never recorded, but in order to make sure the insert FX isn’t recorded I need to switch the insert FX button to the off state (3). When this is switched to the off state you will no longer hear the Insert FX and they will not be recorded. The artist will still hear the insert FX added.

Importing tracks as separate mono or stereo files.
In order to import the two mono files in the example above, select the channel record arm indicator (1) - this will ensure the multi file option is enabled and will create separate files for each track, up to a maximum of 16 mono tracks / 8 stereo tracks. If record arm (1) is not enabled on each individual track will be recorded to a single stereo track.


Once the recording/take is complete, head over to the settings panel, cog wheel at the bottom (1) and select the ‘manager’ (2) tab. Then click the ‘Get HD Files’ button (3)

This will import the files into Cubase/Nuendo onto separate tracks and in their sync position (3) and place them into a folder called ‘VST Connect Pro’ (2) and bus them to a group called ‘VST Connect Pro Group’ (1).

Right now, and this is specific to VST Connect Pro HD import function, your ‘Project Start Time’ in Project Setup needs to be set to ‘00:00:00:00’ in order to ensure the import sync places your files in the correct position.

Hope this helps

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Thank you so much everyone. It really came down to my lack of understanding of how it works. I didn’t understand the Get HD files part of it at all. I thought you got the final recorded files during the recording. Now, I see that I was missing a step. I’ve got a better grasp on it with your help. I really appreciate you all taking the time to help.

+1, well done fuzzydude, super helpful!

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yes - great post fuzzydude :slight_smile:

absolutely! We really apprechiate all of your help.
btw 4.0.43 is finally avaialble
Amongst several fixes it should also improve connection quality (less glitches), give it a try and let us know how it works out for you.

Great! Thank you :smiley: Will do

And link to the latest performer app 4.0.43

Fuzzydude: 1) Thank you. 2) You’re a VST hero. 3) see #1.

I was looking for much of this stuff in the documentation and just was not getting it. You just saved me a day, at least.

Thanks again.


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