How to record Quick Control CCs into the MIDI part?

Hi all
Whenever i record Quick Control CCs, they will be recorded into automation tracks.
But i prefer recording them into the MIDI part so that i could further edit them in the Key Editor.
Anyone knows?

Key Editor (Piano Roll, MIDI notes) can operate only with MIDI CC. Also keys you played are MIDI CC - NoteOn and NoteOff with Volume parameter.
Quick Control knobs are relevant to its Instrument/plugin only therefore automation of them can be only on track event. And not transferable to other instrument (I think).

In other words MIDI events (the content of key editor) knows nothing about Instrument/plugin. MIDI is a standard. (Some stage light engineers use MIDI for stage light events.) These are commands only and can be attached to any instrument inside DAW.

If you look on automation lane of track and add parameter, you will see there is MIDI Channel -> All CC… These are the same MIDI CC of MIDI standard, but available for track automation and can work combined with MIDI event’s CC to make an average result. (One of the best feature I use!)

Huuh! That’s in short :wink: Hope it helps a little.

You have to use MIDI -> Merge MIDI in Loop to do this. “Loop” is the area between the left and right locators.

An alternative solution is to use the In-Place Editor (Ctrl+Shift+i) instead, or enable “Link Project and Lower Zone Edit Cursors” to the top left of the Lower Zone toolbar. This will link the zoom level and cursor position of both zones, making it easier to edit automation accurately.

@Romantique Tp, Really? And you can merge into a MIDI event Quick Control’s automation recorded on track??? Of course, I can misunderstand something, but I suppose @SouLcRusaDer_kA meant exactly that.

P.S. I know - you are using Cubase Pro 10! :smiley:

Romantique Tp:
Thanks but actually I have been using Merge MIDI in Loop for quite a while,and I wouldn’t call that as a real solution.
I wish there’s an option allows us to record quick control CCs into MIDI parts directly :slight_smile:

AFAIK, any automatable parameters can be assigned to quick control, and I was talking about MIDI automation. :slight_smile:

Okay, of course in that case all is mergeable! But it wasn’t mentioned in very first post :wink: