How to record Systemsound into Cubase using Loopback

Still no how to… there is a Korean Video that shows it works, but it seems nobody knows.

Here is the Video:

Please Steinberg release a how to Video or a User friendly description.
As i understand there is something wrong with the Control Room setting.

thx if anybody has a advice

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Where in the video do you see that he is able to record the loopbacked audio into cubase?

@ 11:02

At 11.02, I only see he opens the Audio Connections dialogue and configures inputs and outputs. What exactly to you mean?

I maybe missing the problem but I managed to record the sound from spotify in to Cubase on mac with no issues.

You just have to use the 2TR driver and hit the loopback button in the mixer.

I have an AXR4U and Windows. There is no option for a “2TR” driver. Maybe it works with Thunderbold, but not with USB?

Is the 2TR driver some “special driver” that only offers limited functionality or what is the difference to the “normal” driver?

On Mac it isn’t a problem

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