How to record the chords under the pads

A lot of sounds do have chords under the pads
How to record these chords in Cubase?

I know (assume), that i have to trigger only the pad(s) in a controller note and i must be done in the key editor


I am a new Cubase user and I use HS2. Your post may relate to my question as well. I selected a nice 12 string guitar strumming pattern which I can play in different chords using the pads in the performance window. I thought I could record these patterns in real time but it does not work. I can record from my keyboard but not from the pads. I guess that is why it is called ‘‘performance’’ window.

Ideally, I would like to record from these pads and even (I wish) lock in the playing/recording until I change chord.


HALion/HALion Sonic does not send the MIDI from the onscreen GUI back to Cubase to be recorded. That means that you can not record by clicking on the keyboard or pads in the GUI.
The easiest way to record the Trigger Pads would be to assign keys to the Trigger Pads (I have mine assigned to the eight highest notes on the keyboard). Then, once the notes are assigned, play the notes on your MIDI controller keyboard. Of course, have the controller routed to a MIDI track to the instrument or use an instrument track.

Yes, that’s the way to record the chords under the triggerpads…you can use this for composing in Cubase.
I do need the chords as midi notes in a another composer then Cubase. I must try to record all triggerpadschords for a particulair instrument in HALion5 as a userphrase and drag from this midi notes from the flexphraser to a DAW to see the midi notes.
I can start with the regular key’s …and i must figure out how to chance the triggerpads chords in the flexphrases for some most used keys.

Hi Just a quick post to thank you. It works very well. This is wonderful. I, too, use this for composition. Excellent tool.

Thank you