How to record through USB port

I am using Cubase LE4 and trying to record from a Digitech RP355 guitar pedal through a USB port onto the laptop. I have followed the directions in the pdf help file in Cubase and it isn’t working. The only input device I can choose is the internal mic. I am using Windows 7. Any ideas on how to add a USB as an input device? The RP355 directions say the point of the USB port is to record onto the software that came with it (LE4) so there should be a way to do it. Help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Did you download and install these?

Note: X-Edit Editor/Librarian software and USB drivers can be downloaded at> .

Let me preface this by telling you I’m not a recording guy and with 10 yrs of Cubase under my belt, I’m lucky to be able to control 15% of it. My focus is more of a musician than computer guy.

But… My Brian Moore IGuitar uses a USB port directly into the computer. For this I create an input using Asio4All as the driver and disable the MOTU driver. Works fine and the tracks once created, play universally thru the MOTU 896hd interface. Might want to try it and see if it can work for you

install digitech usb driver then select digitech as your audio device (soundcard) in cubase setup vst connections (input and output) finally select input on track to be recorded and rock away (i have this pedal its awesome)


I had the correct driver installed (ASIO as mentioned). The solution was to set the Digitech as the input AND output (Devices --> Device Setup --> control panel). I had it as the input only before. Works awesome now. Super excited!!!

is it possible to use RP500 USB with Cubase 6.5? Or works only Cubase LE4?
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