How to record with Aebersold playalongs


I have a whole bunch of stereo MP3 with panning as follows:
Drums: Centre (L+R)
Piano: Left
Bass: Right

I want to record my own bass playing so I want to drag the mp3 to a track but hear only the left channel but I want to hear it as if it is in mono.

Then I will record my bass on another mono audio track.

I have played around for ages but can’t play my track’s left channel as mono. Is it possible without using the import audio which is more fiddly than drag and drop. Can I do the “split tracks” after I’ve dragged the MP3 in? Or maybe there’s a way to play left channel only but not just into my left ear?


Hi and welcome,

Add Gate Insert effect. Set the Threshold to 0.0. In the Channel Settings window open the Inserts Routing. Click to the Gate plug-in here, and choose mono. Click to it again, and choose Open Routing Editor. Click to the right-arrow to change the routing. Now, you can hear just the left channel.

useful tip !

Thanks Martin!