How to redeem Dorico 3.5 to 4 Pro eligible upgrade?

Okay, I bought Dorico 3.5 for my son yesterday. Ran the maintenance today and the dongle shows grace period eligible. No link or anything.

I logged into the account that the dongle it is on and it shows it’s eligible, but no button to press to get a code. The Asknet store wants to charge me.

How do I do this? Thanks.

You’re supposed to receive an email from AskNet with a new code. It could require some patience.

Please see here:

If you still have problems, just let me know.

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I found your same post in another thread in the midst of me looking for an answer. I clicked the links twice because I wasn’t sure if I had clicked the wrong one. Now I got two codes.

I’ll just use one and if it doesn’t apply, I’ll use the other. Okay?

Yes, the other one wouldn’t do you any good anyway because it will need a Dorico 3.5 license to “consume”, so you should be fine to use either code you’ve received.

Thank you. With your new licensing (seems a lot like Adobe’s) I can share it with my son if I want use it. It was a good change. Better than pulling dongles out of the machines everyday.

I apreciate your help.