How to reduce Latency please

Hello Cubase users. Can I ask a few questions here about latency? I’m trying to put in a fast 16 beat with a shaker. The latency I’m getting makes it impossible. The same issue arises when trying to put in rhythm guitar parts.
When my machine is set up with the UR44, I see that in Studio Setup > Audio System, it says Input Latency 16.395 ms. If I switch off all effects, it seems to get a little better. But it is still not great. And the latency figure of 16.395 ms remains the same and can’t be changed.
Does anyone know how I can solve this problem? I see that in Studio Setup > Audio System, there is an option “Adjust for Record Latency”, which is activated. It’s set to “Record Shift: O samples” Is this supposed to make a difference?


Would be an option for you to use the Direct Monitoring while record?

Thanks, Martin. That’s helpful. Is the only way to do Direct Monitoring thru the Control Room, or are there other ways to do it?

Did you try to lower the buffer size?

Given your input latency it looks like you have it set to 512 samples.

Thanks @misohoza You’re right. I’ve corrected that.
I’ve also found how to direct monitor in Studio Setup. Is there any way to control the level of the direct monitored signal.

If latency is an issue for you, I would recommend picking up an RME babyface Pro. You cannot beat the latency in it and it is a fantastic interface. Apogee duet is also pretty good. Most other manufacturers use generic drivers and they do not perform well. I cannot stress it enough that if you want low latency you will not find it in any other usb interfaces other than RME and Apogee. Also your CPU matters. I record with my Babyface pro around 64 or 128 buffers and I have about 4-5ms of latency or less. I will usually finish full projects on 128 buffers and then bump it up to 256 if I am mixing and I have recorded everything I needed to record.

Most USB interfaces will get you at about 12MS with 128 buffers in 44.1 KHZ (which is what I always record with). I personally do not feel it necessary to record with higher sample rates. You will get lower latency results but you will also tax your CPU with higher rates, so for me I am content with 44.1KHZ

I have tested a bunch and you can see the results here (RTL is round trip latency and that is the number you are looking for- along with buffers). click on the imgur photo link


Try the track volume fader.

Thanks @Walnut That looks like an amazing ASIO. I’ll look out for it.

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Thanks @misohoza I think of got the hang of it now.