How to reduce pops/buffering noise WITHOUT lowering volume?


With a bit of help, I was able to set up midi to use VST instruments for keyboard recording. I’ve been using the acoustic grand piano that comes with it and it seems to produce pops/clicking sounds whenever I hit the keys a bit hard (but for emphasis). Is there a way to remove some of those sounds/buffering noise? It seems that I have to increase the volume quite significantly just to hear the audio compared to other videos/songs on youtube that can be listed to with lower volume levels.

Video of the pops/clicks (go to 3:20 onwards for instance)



I don’t believe it’s a volume problem, what is your audio buffer set to?

Hey Anthony.

I just checked the GM Grand Piano in Halion and it is perfectly possible to clip the output by playing hard.

You need to take the channel fader down a couple of db or lower the volume in Halion

How are you recording this and combining it with the video exactly?

Other videos you’re watching may well be recorded, then the audio post mixed with compression and limiting to increase the level without clipping before re-combining the audio with the video in a video editing program.

Hey Grim,

I’m recording this using the Acoustic Grand Piano VST instrument; for the video I record off of my phone camera. I combine them on YouTube editor.
I have tried lowering the dB/fader which does take out the clicking noises but the volume is significantly reduced, after which upping the volume on my laptop will create those pops and click noises again (also loud buffering noise).

Is that the same as latency? If so, it’s at 5ms

I don’t understand what you mean with this loud buffering noise. Buffering issues arise if the computer can’t process the audio fast enough and it stutters or drops and causes clicks and pops in the audio.
The volume should have no bearing on it at all. If you can play the song without distortion with the fader taken down then there is no buffering issue.

So…upping the volume on your laptop how exactly causes this moise? Is your laptop the same computer you’re recording on even? If it is then you should up the volume with the AG03 not at the laptop no???

If you go to 3:20 to the end of the video, you can hear the clicking/popping noises. I think I’m confusing myself with buffer noises so just disregard that part but do you hear the pop noises?