how to reflect one players personal preferences?

dear all

first of all: thank you for this product, thank you for your enthusiasm, thank you for your skills, creativity, and competences.

i am currently trying to setup a project that is covering a composition that will be performed by an ensemble.

one of the very nice concepts in dorico is the “player” that can describe an individual musician (as far as i understand). now what is not clear to me: how can i reflect the personal preferences of a player within doricos configuration/options concept?

one example: some musicians like to read “lead sheet style”, eg. with wings on repeat barlines. other players prefer a more classical design. same goes for fonts and many other options.

is there a way to reflect the musicians point of view in the options systems?

thank you very much for your thoughts. and yes i am pretty new in ensemble writing (usually use dorico just for lead sheet creation) - so chances are high that i miss some important concept.

kind regards, michael

You can make as many different layouts for a given part as you wish, each with any variations of Layout Options you wish.

Things like repeat wings are in Engraving Options so you can’t change it on a part by part basis without saving your file under another name and making the changes there. Some fonts can be overridden in the individual part, although I would highly recommend against doing so. Just pick a style and stick to it. You are going to drive some librarian mad trying to reconcile all the different appearances in the future. If you really want to go with different fonts in different parts, keep something constant like a date in the lower left corner of the first page so someone will at least know all the parts go together. A personal preference like a different staff size to be easier to read is fine.