How to refresh Noteperformer whenever new instruments are added

Hi all,

I am currently using Dorico 2 with Noteperformer 3.

One problem I keep encountering is that whenever I add new instruments into the score, the sounds are not immediately added in Play Mode. Which would be fine, except that I can’t seem to be able to manually add new instruments into the VST instruments panel.

Currently, when I add a new instrument into the score, I can still edit the Endpoint Setup (the little cog icon) and change the number of MIDI channels, expression maps etc. But this change is not reflected in the “Edit Instrument” tab - the primary editing tab for the Noteperformer VST instruments. In order to get the new instrument to register, I have to reset the Playback template, but in doing so I lose all the changes made to the other instruments in the “Edit Instruments” tab, including panning, mixing, adjusting reverb etc.

Is there a way around this?

If you want Dorico to continue loading sounds automatically into NotePerformer, don’t make manual changes to the sound assignments in the track headers in Play mode. You can instead open up the NotePerformer interface and use the controls in there to load a different sound for each slot. You can make changes in NotePerformer’s own Mixer without preventing Dorico from loading further sounds: it’s only when you make changes to the sound assignments yourself in the track headers that Dorico goes into “full manual” mode and will no longer automatically adjust the playback template.

(This is all a bit different in Dorico 3, for the benefit of any future readers who might think that this still holds in Dorico 3, which it does not.)