How to refresh / rescan the Midi Port?

Hello all,

The list of midi port i see in Cubase doesn’t seem to be up to date. I use a MioXL and i renamed the port in the Auracle software, what i see in Cubase from the MioXL doesn’t match what i have in Auracle.
Is there a way to refresh?
For example, my SH-01A midi port doesn’t show up in Cubase…

you’re hiding part of the window. show the whole entire window.


Toggle DirectMusic device to see if that makes the port display

Indeed in notice this bottom thick boxes in some videos, but i don’t seem to have it.
I have stretched my windows as much as possible here look:

Please add your system info to your profile.

Really, gotta know what OS and version for any troubleshooting question.

yes sorry about that, just added it to my profile.

2020 Macbook pro 13-inch M1
OS version: 12.5 Monterey
Cubase Pro 12.0.5

Here is the reply of iconnectivty / Mio XL on this issue.

Normally there are two places a software will draw that information from.

  1. Apple’s Audio MIDI Setup.
    I would go to the MIDI page in audio MIDI setup.
    Disconnect the mioXL from the computer
    Delete ALL instances of mioXL or mioXL loader boxes on that page.
    Restart your computer
    Reconnect the mioXL and open Cubase.

  2. plist/cache for the software itself.
    This might be something you’d have to contact Steinberg about. It’s like a memory list that holds information.
    Removing this may cause issue holding other info you would want so, you might want to talk to Steinberg about that first.
    My guess is your correct ports aren’t being shown because Cubase hasn’t seen the correct port names.

Any idea what i should do to force Cubase to refresh the midi port it sees?

They are saying to do this: Start Cubase in Safe mode / Temporarily disable preferences

I have done option 1 and it seems to have worked, I’m surprised! but hey, ok with that

but i still don’t have these options on the window, not sure why!?