how to register C7

Hi, so I’ve upgraded to C7 and no probs so far other than when I go to register it I can not get past the window asking for the elicencer number…tried the number of the elicencer and the serial number but both times I’m told it’s already registered…well I know that don’t I !!! I registered the damn thing…can anybody spot where I’m going wrong please, cheers, Kevin

No need to register, it’s already done. What does MySteinberg report the license on the Dongle as?

This was pretty confusing to me as well.

Especially since Cubase 7 didn’t immediately show up under my dongle in mysteinberg. Decided to just wait and check the next morning and it’s there.

I was going to ask the same thing I didn’t know if there were further steps in registering.

There’s a quick way of checking the licences on your dongle by running the Licence Control Centre.


Yeah thank you…it is shown in the Licence control centre…cheers and thanks for replying quickly, Kevin