How to register Cubase on my name after i bought from private person

Hi guys.
Back in the year 2012, i bought Cubase 5 from a person who did stop making music. It was in Switzerland and i don’t know his name anymore. 3 years ago i upgraded to Cubase 9, purchased with my Steinberg account and licenced on the same usb e-licencer. I also bought ReFX Nexus and licenced it on the same usb. Now the problem is that Cubase announced the stop of usb licencing and i am afraid for my purchased products because the usb e-licencer is not registered on my name. Is there any possibility to register the usb on my name, even if the usb is registered on the sellers name?
Please have in mind that the seller already registered the usb on his name, back in the days.
Sorry for my bad English.

If the seller did not release the registration of the USB key, and you never registered it to your own account all you can really do is write to Steinberg and hope they have sympathy with you and the problem.

Could you buy a new USB dongle, register it in your name, and then copy the license to it?

Regardless of Steinberg eventually moving away from the USB dongle, there is still a risk today of losing that license if your dongle was to break, or get lost - you’d have no way of activating zero downtime.

Someone would need to confirm if that would work. As i’ve never done it, but my understanding is that you register the dongle, rather than Cubase itself.