how to register Cubase Studio 4

This may well be the wrong place, sorry if that is the case.
I have a valid copy of Cubase Studio 4 which was registered online - somehow, can’t remember how - more than 3 years ago.
The eLicencer is plugged in to my new PC and has been recognised.
However there is no trace of my original registration on Steinberg’s website and I don’t know how to obtain the Studio 4 key from the eLicenser. I can’t upgrade until I can register the key, therefore Catch-22.

Would anyone be able to offer some advice, even if it’s “You’re in the wrong section mate, try {…}”



The Cubase 5 and 4 forums are here.
The only thing I can think of is that if your mysteinberg account shows no registered products, then you registered it to another account :confused:

Why not? You don´t necessarily need to be registered to upgrade… You only need a key with a valid license.

Thank you both.

I have had one email address since I bought Studio 4, and there was nothing older recorded for it, or for an old user number I had written down.

However if having a working eLicenser with a valid key is enough to upgrade, that’s hopeful.
I shall just have to wait and see.



Please send our support department an Email together with the number of your Steinberg USB Key, so we can have a search. Please send the Email to info (at) steinberg (dot) de



Thanks for the advice Chris.

That was the Catch-22. I didn’t know the number for the eLicenser and couldn’t see how to get it.
However after installing the licensing software on the machine with Studio 4 on it (which I had used up till recently as a standalone with no internet connection) I got the key and have now registered the product.