How to reinstall C6.5 to new SSD, only hard copy is C5!

Do I really have to start from the beginning, reinstall C5, then dl each update (5.5, 6, 6.5, 6.5.4, etc)

Just curious…as I’m at work now and anticipating my evening ahead when I undetake this task. I should be able to SKIP some of the updates I’m thinking.

Anyone else done this recently? Hoping I can knock it out with one update or two after the inital C5 installation.


I have done it recently, but started from the C6 DVD. You don’t have that? I thought C6 was boxed only. Anyway, you don’t have to install any previous version, if you just install 6.5. The reason I started from 6.0 is that from the DVD, all soundsets are included. Your license is on the e-Licenser and should say 6.5, so installing that directly should work.

Ok thanks! I have the full C5 on disk and yes C6 on disk too but its just the UPDATE disk. U just reminded me about that THANKS!!!

Im sure it shouldn’t be too bad…its just a slow day here at work before a 4-day weekend so…my mind started wandering :open_mouth:

If you purchased your Cubase 6 license as an update from Cubase 5 the package will say update, yes. But it should be the full installation.

If your USB eLicenser lists a Cubase 6.5 licence you should be good to install Cubase 6 from your “update” package.

Then install the 6.5.0, 6.5.3, and if you wish the (pre-release) 6.5.4.

The update disk (box) is still the full version, meaning there is just no dongle included. To add to my previous post: I actually went from C6 disk > 6.01 (somehow I couldn’t get 64-bit to install from disk directly) > 6.5 > 6.5.3.

Wow…so I AM glad I did post and ask here.

THANKS A MILL…probly saved me like 40 mins!

Heard that installing to SSD is faster than normal also.


Hey…back again lol.

Are you sure that I can go ahead and just install C6? Check this out:

My packaging actually just says “Update”, not sure if I should pay any attention to it and move forward, or if I’m gonna go thru the whole install process just for it to say “No C4/C5 found on the system”, etc.


Just do it :smiley:

Your licence is on the USB dongle.

Yeah, what Split said. You have a full license; ‘update’ just says something about how you came about that license (by having a previous full version).

Thanks all!!!

Yeah it was pretty simple and went way quicker than I’d though…6 → 6.5 → 6.5.4 took about 25 mins.