how to release combined percussion kits?


Is there a way to release combined percussion kits?
I mean the restoration from the kit to individual instruments.

Have you tried Layout options > Players > Percussion > Single line instruments ?
You might encounter some problems with dynamics, IIRC, but the process should be linear.

I already tried it, and I do not mean this, but real restoration.
Fortunately, the score is still few notes on percussion staves.
Dorico provides the most convenient methods for arranging and engraving, but combining percussion kit has problems:

  • omitting dynamics when combining and
  • not restoring instruments to individual staves.
    I hope it could be improved.

In the left panel of Setup mode, create however many new players you need. For ease, Shift-select them then drag them to just under your existing percussion kits. Then drag each individual instrument to an empty player.

Thanks! :wink: